Now completely free, Puzzle Farm takes kids of all ages on an adventure through their imagination!

“Great visuals, sounds and control! One of the most thoroughly polished and enjoyable apps I’ve ever downloaded. All kids will love this adorable puzzle game!” – User Review

? Build the barn and stock it with cute animals!
? Plant tasty corn in the garden!
? See what’s hatching in the chicken coop!
? Easy to use for any age!

Puzzle Farm takes classic puzzle toys and makes them even better with interactivity, bright and colorful visuals, cute animations and authentic sounds effects!

“My three year old twin boys love it! It combines many app types into one fun puzzle game. The kids love the puzzles and all the fun animal sounds. Highly recommended!” – User Review

? Help the farmer build a full scale animal chorus!
? Touchable characters wiggle, bounce, spin and play real animal sounds!
? Puzzle and piece variety includes circles, triangles, traditional piece shapes and animal shapes!

Every puzzle is full of fun and interactive barnyard friends like cows, chickens, horses and goats that wiggle, hop and spin as you listen to their silly sounds.

“Amazing graphics, tons of content, perfect for this age group. Great buy!” – User Review

? Teach the animals to sing with the animal chorus featuring a full musical scale!
? Once a puzzle is complete you can touch the animals to watch the wiggle and play sounds, play the puzzle again or exit to the menu and select a different puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles develop your child’s ability to analyze, reason, deduce, sequence, and develop logical thought and problem solving skills while building eye-hand coordination and spatial awareness.

“Very interactive and fun! My daughter loves it.” – User Review

? Once the app starts it is impossible to buy anything or get trapped in a confusing menu!
? User interface is designed for even the youngest players.
? We absolutely never record, store or track your child’s data.

We hope this app encourages your child to use their imagination, learn more about farms and animals and makes them smarter (when they’re not looking).

“Wow, very cute and engaging. The puzzles are fun and easy to do” – User Review

“They did it again, great new game!” – User Review

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Puzzle Farm Imagination Adventure Gameplay

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