I have Brought the new PlayStation Vita 3G & WiFi for £165 Brand new and sealed of GUM TREE, This has saved me alot considering it cost around £239.99 Of Amazon

PsVita 3G & Wifi Version (£239.99):

PsVita 3G Version (£269.99):

Psvita WiFi Version (£219.99):


Q. What do you think of the PS Vita price?
A. I think it’s perfect. Think of the cost of an Iphone or any other high tech device that does something similar to what the PS Vita can do. It’s worth the price.

Q. Have you had any technical difficulties like freezing with your PS Vita?
A. Once but that was a faulty game cartridge, not the Vita.

Q. How is the battery life of the PS Vita?
A. Depends on what you’re doing but for games you get as Sony says, about 3-5 hours, depending on your system settings.

Q. How many megabytes is X game? I need to know what size memory card to buy?
A. Go with an 8Gb card. I don’t think the 4Gb cards are going to be very useful, too small imo. Plus some games might be download only so you could be in trouble with a small card.

Q. How well does the touch screen work?
A. It’s perfect. Just like an Ipod. I recommend getting a screen protector that’s smooth to glide your finger on and reduces glare.

Q. How well do the controls feel like the analog sticks?
A. Amazing. They’re much better than the flat PSP analog stick. Feels like a mini Playstation analog.

Q. Do you think I should get the 3G or the Wifi?
A. It’s up to you. If you have Wifi at home and don’t plan on accessing the internet anywhere you want, then just go for the Wifi only. I personally think the 3G is the best though 🙂

Q. Is the camera good for taking pictures and video? How about the quality in Augmented Reality games?
A. The quality is good, even in the dark. Works great with all games I’ve tested so far.

Q. Should I wait for the white model? How long till one comes out?
A. No, I don’t recommend waiting for a white model. It could be about a year till one of those comes out.

Q. Should I wait for a slim model?
A. No, it’s going to be quite a while I think till one of those comes out also.

Q. What comes in the box?
A. The PS Vita…that’s it :

Q. How well does Remote Play work?
A. Almost not at all at this moment. Rumor has it there’s going to be an update to the PS Vita system just before global release that makes “all PS3 games remote play compatible”. I don’t know how much I believe “all” but at least like, 70% of them should be compatible in the very near future.

Q. Hows the backwards compatibility working for you?
A. I wanted to try it out but haven’t had the chance yet. I’ll download a game sometime this month and make a special video about that.

Q. If you delete the app/game icon from the main screen, does it delete other important info like game save data or just the icon?
A. Surprisingly, deleting the icon off your main screen will also delete you game save! So be careful what you delete!

Q. When (enter game name) comes out will you do a review of it?
A. Probably. I would be lying if I said we’ll review all games but we’d like to review as many games as possible.

Q. Will you review other consoles and non-PS vita games in the future?
A. Maybe. We’re considering it but the tech needed to record HQ console footage is expensive. For now it’s PC and PS Vita.

Q. What do you think of the hackers trying to break into the PS Vita?
A. I just hope they don’t make copied games as easily workable as it was for the PSP. Being a long time gamer and previously studying Computer Animation to work in the industry myself, these people work hard in a very competitive industry and game piracy is really hurting them all. If you’re gonna download something and then you decide you like it, buy it. Support the people that fulfill our fantasies. 🙂


PlayStation Vita 3G/WiFi – REVIEW

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