Objective-C is the language you have to use if you want to write fantastic apps for Mac OS and iOS. This soup-to-nuts course on Objective-C gives you the solid basis in Objective-C that you absolutely need for writing applications for these platforms. This course is designed to be the the perfect foundation for you to start from whether you’re going to be coding on either Mac OS or iOS.

In this 13 hour video training course we start out with the absolute basics, introducing you to Xcode and how to compile an application, we then move on to basic C language constructs and types. We show you how to declare and use functions, procedures, and so on. Then we move on to Object Oriented Programming, and cover how OOP is implemented in Objective-C and how to use objects in your apps. We also cover memory management in depth so you can be sure to write apps that do the right thing when it comes to allocating and freeing memory. We even cover garbage collection as well, so you know how and when you can use GC in your apps.

You might think that a basic course like this leaves out the more advanced features of Objective-C, but not this one! After we introduce you to all the basics, we then move right on to more advanced concepts like blocks, protocols, categories, error handling and more!

Finally, we give you an introduction to the Foundation Framework. The Foundation Framework is an absolutely fundamental part of Objective-C, and understanding of this important library is critical for both Mac OS and iOS development. You will use the Foundation Framework in every app you write. We introduce you to the most used classes in Objective-C and show you how to use them.

In short, if you’re new to Objective-C, this course is an absolute must for you. But even if you’re an experienced developer who wants to come up to speed on some of the newer language constructs in Objective-C such as blocks and properties, this course can still be a huge benefit to getting you moving in the right direction. Even if you’re an existing iOS developer who is moving to Mac OS development, and you want a refresher on core programming concepts as well as an introduction to garbage collection, this course can be a benefit to you.

Chapter 02. Objective-C and Xcode

Before writing Objective-C, you need to know a bit about your tools, so we introduce you to the IDE we’ll be using during the course, Xcode, as well as discussing a bit about the history and origins of Objective-C and why it makes an interesting language to learn.
Duration: 15 mins.


iDeveloper – Objective C – 02 – ObjectiveC & Xcode

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