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Do you like fantasy or dragons? Or even flying? Are you done playing difficult and complicated games? Then this game is strongly recommended. New flying game nothing like other, DragonFlight.

Dragon Flight is a game that attacks enemies with powerful magic, which then allows you to move further beyond that space. Skill up your magic and use various items to survive from dangerous moments.

■ Register to the game center and compete your ranking scores with friends. Flying distance is not everything in this game. / It’s not everything to go far away. There is 2 types of ranking. There are lots of people in the world, however your friends will not be easy to defeat.

■ Easy control! Dragon Flight can easily be played by one hand grabbing the device and the thumb controlling the character. Does this make game so simple? No way! It might be easy to control but with diverse situations, it takes you into a great depth of excitement.

■ Only 5 second tutorial! Easy to install and quick to adjust. You can easily adapt to Dragon flight without a tutorial.

■ Both available for I-phone and I-pad. It supports Retina display, too. Let’s see simple and pretty character with high definition quality.

■ Stay excited for new updates. Even though it’s a free game new updates will be continuously uploaded. New update will provide a new tactics and new enjoyment.

■ Don’t worry about missing the updates. Once you open this game, news on the corner will alert you with new updates.

■ We are checking every single review from you for better updates. Please help us to make a better game. We are waiting for your feedback.


Website : http://nextfloor.co.kr
Twitter : http://twitter.com/NextFloorGames
Facebook : http://facebook.com/NextFloor
YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/NextFloorGames

What’s new

1. You can raise adorable baby dragons. Buy ‘Dragon egg’ from the item shop.
Baby dragon can take part in a battle right after hatching from the egg.
Baby dragon shows one attribute among 4 types, sometimes there can be some rare species of them as well.

* Rapid shooter : this dragon will stay close to you and will shoot enemies together.
* Ice-bounder: this dragon will freeze the enemy so they would move slower.
* Detonater: this dragon attacks powerfully so enemies in large area can be damaged at once.
* Lightener: this dragon uses electronic beam to eliminate a enemy.

2. Assassin, our new character!! Assassin hides into darkness whenever they crashes into the enemy. And shows again and flies as like there was nothing happened! (charged service)

3. New item ‘Fly in formation’ added. Whenever flight is over, you can continue the flight with other character not starting from the beginning point.


Dragon Flight – App Review

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