From the Creator of Kingdom Hearts comes my FAVORITE DS game ever. But is the IOS port any good?

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Amazing Graphics
Amazingly good new Music and amazing remixes of old songs
Good new battle system
Some Pins are easier to use
Much Smoother animated cutscenes and good looking cutscenes
Honestly I would keep playing this version if I wasn’t already replaying the DS version.

FPS drops often
long loading screens compared to the DS version, thus slowing down the pace of the game
Some pins are harder to use
The partner is now just another pin; takes away the feeling of working together to win
the music just doesn’t transition well anymore. It used to be that the music that was playing in the field would just loop until you did something that would cause another song to play (like going into a store or pausing the game), but now they get an abrupt interruption and then another song plays
I had a few points when the touch screen just wasn’t responding to the gestures I made. i could move, but I couldn’t do any attacks.

Verdict: Good port, but the DS version is superior Gameplay wise. Get this version over the DS version though because the DS version is going for such a high price that it makes the 18/19 dollars that this version costs look cheap. For the full experience however, either hunt it down at gamestops everywhere for like 20 dollars or order it on amazon for 50-60 dollars used or new.

Original Script (Some things were cut for time):
TWEWY is my absolute favorite DS game of all time. Hell, it’s my favorite handheld game of all Time. I’d even go as far to say that TWEWY is my favorite game of all time. Solo Remix on the other hand…. Is Great. At first I was really pissed off at Square enix for the week long countdown just for an IOS port, but now that I’ve played the game I can easily say that TWEWY Solo Remix is the best game on the App Store and is still fun as hell. The graphics are beautiful, the music is still amazing, the animated cutscenes are much smoother, and some pins are actually easier to use! Now, while solo remix has alot going for it, it also has a number of things going AGAINST it. The FPS drops often, there are long loading screens compared to the original version, The music doesn’t transition as well anymore, and there were multiple points where the game was not responding to my attempts to attack. Overall, Solo Remix is a very fun port that’s worth playing if you’re a fan of the series, but there’s nothing really to offer other than an excuse for fans to play through the game again. As for newcomers to the series, It’s an amazing way to get you into the series and honestly it’s the cheapest way too. With TWEWY recently being in the newest Kingdom Hearts game, the price for TWEWY on amazon shot up and it’s always been hard to find in stores. If you want to play TWEWY, just get solo remix. Solo Remix gets a 9/10 from me. It’s still a great game and I am really excited to figure out WHO THE HELL IS THIS CHICK!


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